Corona virus crisis in Ukraine. Some interim subjective assessments

Valentin Yakushik, Ph.D., professor of political science, Ukraine


Somehow latently introducing several typologies of the State (or political system) and of society, we can qualify the present-day Ukrainian situation vis-à-vis a really unique world-wide comprehensive system of restrictive measures connected with the Corona virus public health threat as follows:

(1) In Ukraine the threat of Corona virus is officially recognized, and mass media are intensively escalating fear and social depression, the popular response to which ranges from the dominant social submission to almost riots (the notorious case of Novy Sanzhary riot is one of its initial examples).

(2) The Ukraine’s official reaction stays in line with the similar restrictive measures introduced by the major international powers and the neighbouring countries.

(3) From the formal point of view, the Ukrainian authorities’ reaction is tough, comprehensive and almost timely, but due to the lack of

- strategic vision,

- the necessary political will,

- maturity of the top officials

- and coherence in actions

it produces obvious general dysfunctional effects – for the economy, public health and social life as a whole.

(4) The burden of the restrictive measures is shared disproportionally: the interests of small and medium businesses are sacrificed and neglected, as well as the needs of the working people in general, not saying about the disadvantaged and deprived strata.

(5) The present crisis is hardly used for providing the future growth of the national economy and for improving Ukraine’s place in international division of labour; on the contrary it leads to the further dependence on the outside sources of “assistance” (financial; related pharmaceutical medicine and medical equipment; “humanitarian help”, etc.).

(6) The State is not properly using the emergency situation for the national reconciliation, but vice versa, very often for arbitrarily imposing on the society the agenda of “international donors” and a very narrow stratum of Ukrainian political class.\

(7) The national health service and the relevant specialized emergency forces have shown themselves as mostly unprepared (to counter massive biological disasters) not only due to the lack of the required material resources, but primarily due to their prior deliberate degeneration and destruction during the years of ideologically, geo-economically and geo-politically biased “reforms”.